If you're feeling stagnant, routine-ish and/or a lack of motivation to be all you want in your life, you're in the right place.

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I’ll assist you with seeing the beauty in your life despite your past experiences.

I am Theressia Nangle, a soul growth life coach.

Soul Coaching & Reiki

My conversations are known to keep you accountable, provide grace to yourself and promote forgiveness.

This promotes healing. The healed person doesn't see obstacles, they see endless opportunities.

Once you realize you have the power to change your outcomes and become intentional about how you are living, dreams become reality.

Everything becomes tangible and this inner joy overflows into every area of your life. 

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Surrender to what is good for you.

Inspiration Series

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Life's reset button

Energy is currency

Luggage vs. Baggage

"Theressia changes the atmosphere with her soul work sessions. She brings warmth and wisdom to any convo, and provides her clients with an enlightened approach to finding healing and resolving their concerns."

— Audra Bryant, Author, Speaker, life coach

"My first reiki session was amazing!! Terri is a person who can connect with you and help you develop your own individual experience. She is patient and welcoming for me to share myself with her."

— Dr. Destiny

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