The truth is you need to upgrade your life and you need a person who will motivate you to do it.

Life Coaching & Reiki

You need tools and a compassionate guide to help you on your journey.

The unhealed areas of your life are showing up in your work, home, and independent time with self. You know you can make better decisions, but you’re not doing it.

You may be easily angered, anxious, or not getting enough rest. You sleep but you don’t rest. There’s a difference, and both impact your health. You may be depending on others to make you happy. You may feel the need to buy things, or people, and still never feel appreciated or validated.

You may be rehearsing a past experience that you have been unable to release or be at peace with. You eat constantly even when not hungry, but the constant need for comfort is the primary itch. You may be using food, people, or things to satisfy these moments.

Now you’re ready and you understand how important it is to change your life. You ask yourself every day as you get older, “what am I waiting for?”

It feels good to feel good.

Virtual work

Life Coaching

Live a healthy life of healing. We'll heal generations past and future. Our success in life has everything to do with what we are willing to let go of, and live in our authentic beautiful lives given to us by the creator of it all.

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How it works:

After the completion of the contact form and assessment tool is submitted, a clarity phone call is scheduled. During this call, we will discuss the best way to move forward and reach your goals. Each session will do a deep dive into each area of life that you’re willing to transform from average to optimal.

With active listening skills I am able to assess the areas of blockage connected to the past experiences or outcomes that hold you hostage or keep you feeling stuck. Once acknowledged, life tips and tools are given for shifting of the mind. Homework is given for continued learning and growing even when the session is over.

Each session will discuss new opportunities and habits necessary for continued growth. Each session will shed more light on your awareness and give up poor habits and thinking that alter the love you need for yourself in this life. Each session you will lose baggage and unnecessary luggage that has been weighing you down, and you will note it and feel motivated in ways you never allowed for yourself.

"Theressia offers a rare combination of spiritual, practical, and professional knowledge that support her gift of intuitive insight. What Theressia does is not forced and her calm spirit is influential."

— Kali Banks 

"You made me realize I didn't need permission. I can truly experience the best of all there is, simply because I exist."

— Jennifer DuBois, professional organizer

In-person work


Imagine having a place where you're validated. Appreciated. Everything is about you and you leave feeling better, lighter, happier. You see things differently, and give yourself more grace. You tap into your happiness at will.

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How it works:

You will enter a safe, sacred space prepared for you. You will be placed on a comfortable massage table and your position will be based on your comfort level. You will hear sounds that heal, smell aromas that promote relaxation, and assist in your most comfortable position.

Once comfortable, start with deep breathing meditation. A body scan will be done to assess chakras that are blocked. I will place hands above each chakra assisting the energy to flow where needed. No contact necessary in my sessions. Observe your breath and rest.

Most of my clients state the level of peace they experience in the session is beyond expectations and the immediate feeling of relaxation and release of stress is why they return. Stagnant energy will be cleared. Chakras are opened. Totally painless process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your cancellation policy?

The Healing Temple will make every effort to reschedule your appointment to the next available date within 2 weeks, dependent on availability. You may cancel within 48 hours for full refund.

How do I make an appointment?

Complete the contact form, and you will be contacted for a clarity call within 48 hours. Your appointment is scheduled once 50% deposit is received. You can make your appointment online or by phone.

What happens if I arrive late?

If you're running late, please call or text to notify me — the appointment will still end on time. 

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