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The Geranium Package — $375

In-Person Reiki

Energy charged room where sacred space has been opened for the client. A body scan will be done to acknowledge the chakra out of alignment and the chakra that needs more attention. Whether it's blocked or not spinning, the healing modalities are used to assist in the session at the discretion of the practitioner. To include essential oils, sound bowls, crystals, candles, incense, music, and much more. Instructions on how to prepare for the session are discussed during clarity or prior to arrival. 

90 min sessions, 4–6 sessions recommended

Virtual Reiki

The Cosmic Sessions — $322

Since we will need to co-create this space, you must have a quiet, safe space to engage in session. No noise, pollution or interruptions are necessary. A body scan will be done to check areas of the chakra out of alignment.

These sessions are quite familiar, you have had a session in the past, but maybe looking for an energy reset and are unable for an in person at the present moment. Or maybe able to say which chakra is blocked or not spinning.

If you have crystals you would like to make part of the session, instructions on how to cleanse before the session will be given. Instructions on how to prepare for the virtual session will be discussed on the clarity call prior to the session.

60 min sessions, 4–6 sessions recommended

Sage Reiki Session — $505

Emergency Reiki

Urgent need for a Clear & Allow session. You may need a boost of calm, clarity and/or focus. Or maybe you have a project or major event and need to set forth an intention for it, and haven’t been able to schedule in a timely manner and require an immediate session. A body scan will be done, a completely touchless process. The Healing Temple can assist you in your goals with a Sage Reiki session.

60 – 120 min

"My first reiki session was amazing!! Terri is a person who can connect with you and help you develop your own individual experience. She is patient and welcoming for me to share myself with her."

— Dr. Destiny

"Theressia changes the atmosphere with her soul work sessions. She brings warmth and wisdom to any convo, and provides her clients with an enlightened approach to finding healing and resolving their concerns."

— Audra Bryant, Author, Speaker, life coach

Life Coaching (in-person or virtual)

Patchouli Package — 3 months

Let’s finally unpack some of your mental luggage and baggage. You can’t carry it where you’re going. You must travel light. The Healing Temple will sort out the feelings and emotions attached to your experiences. Set goals, evaluate and provide ways to have better experiences. Let’s start with mindfulness techniques. 

These sessions are 2x a month so you can process, practice, and do the homework. The habit forming techniques given during the sessions will keep you accountable. Your healing journey is work. Weekly calls and text are available. This will be decided on the clarity of what methods of motivation are necessary for your optimal success.

90 min meetings, twice a month — $433 per session

Lavender Package — 6 months

Life Coaching (in person or virtual)

Let’s continue to unpack your mental luggage. The Healing Temple will take a deeper dive to evaluate the areas of your life requiring the most attention at this juncture of your life. Tools and homework as well as habit forming training techniques will be given each session.

Accountability with grace and compassion are pillars for success and provided each session. Focus and celebration, on creating and continuing efforts to make mental shifts to become a better you are priority in the Lavender session.

90 min meetings, twice a month — $655 per session

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